Website Was Hacked

Website HackedOur website was hacked back late last year. we knew there was a problem when PHP coding began to show up randomly, we thought, throughout the site. Over time and after numerous attempts to get it cleaned out, it is causing a lot of major problems.

The thing is, we think we know who, or where it came from. Just a general area of our planet on the other side of the planet.

This will not stop us from moving forward with updating the site now and adding some new features. Internet security has grown into a huge business and rightfully so as the war rages on by hackers trying to disrupt for whatever reasBurris SouthEastern Tour 2019 ons.  We are trying  to be more observant in the day to day flow of traffic into and out of the site. We are stepping up the monitoring and added a few new things to help us along the way. Our Gallery Page is not functioning. Just be aware of that. We are working on it now. Again our website was hacked but we are returning quickly.

In the meantime, we move on and get ready for this years racing which is starting this weekend. But we just saw the announcement it has been postponed due to sever weather in the area. We will have an updated schedule posted as soon as we can.

Stay safe racing fans and friends. The weather will improve and the racing will begin soon! Goid Bless You All, and God Bless America!!