MS Kart Series – Columbus, Ms

MS Kart Series at ColumbusColumbus was one of the races you just want to forget and just move on. Anytime you find yourself on a track that is over 1/4 mile in length, you know your day will be spent really chasing the set up and trying to avoid the rough spots because there usually will be a rough surface when you race on a big car track. And so it was at Columbus Speedway.

The track was really race-able, but it was rough and it was fast.MS Kart Series at Columbus It also had looming concrete walls and anyone who races knows concrete is very unforgiving.

We finished 6th in Medium and Lite, 7th in Heavy and the crash we had that took us out was in the Senior Pro class and we finished 12th in it. The crash was hard contact with the concrete barrier basically backwards into the wall. Our Outcast Chassis was destroyed.

Like I said, its a race that’s behind us and we are glad it is. We do look forward to coming back here one day, but now its time to go home and rebuild and get ready for the Booneville race.

Also note;  Justin Lindsey captured the aerial images. Awesome shots!! Both images here are property of Justin!