MS Kart Series – Booneville, MS

Booneville Race TrackThis past weekend in Booneville Ms at the Prentiss County Agri-Center we really found some great speed on the new Outcast Chassis.

This is the first time the annual Mid South Shootout joined the MS Karting Series. Previously it had been ran at Atoka Raceway Park, but due to  decreasing number of entries, MSSO Director, Troy Bailey, decided this season to move the location and join forces with this race at Booneville.  We have strong ties to Atoka, and we wish them the very best.

Our showing in the Cody Burks Memorial Race didn’t show the results we wanted though. As the 2016 champion of this race, it just wasn’t our night to shine this time around in this race.  We were fast but kept getting sent to the back for incidental contact; and no, we are NOT complaining; It was a good race, and hard fought but our final results don’t show that too much.

Fly High Cody BurksWe do feel bad for Todd Burks, the father of the late Cody Burks, and the driving force behind the Cody Burks Memorial Race. As far as the race itself, in our opinion, it was not done as it should have been. We did not do a missing man formation at the beginning of the race as we have in the past. The feeling of respect and honor to Cody was just missing, again in our opinion. Please understand this is, in no way, a jab at the MS Karting Series, the track, or any individuals. IT WAS NO ONES FAULT!! There were many things that just contributed to the whole race that caused this feeling. It was just one of those nights at a race that ran long. As racers we have all been there before. It just happens. We LOVE racing in this series!

But we do feel our race team had a successful day. Struggled in qualifying, 7th in light, 8th in medium, 13th in heavy, 16th in sr. pro, and 12th in the Cody Burks Memorial.

But we found lots of speed in the features. We finished 2nd in Lite, 4th in Medium, 6th in Heavy, 5th in Sr Pro and 9th in the Cody Burks race. We just didn’t have any luck in that race.Sunset at Booneville

On to Collins, Ms for the fourth Mississippi Kart Series Race.

We want to thank Lucas Oil, Outcasts Karts, Troy Bailey, and always, Enik Sanders!!! Thanks to all our friends and family for your support.

Also note;  Justin Lindsey captured the aerial images. Awesome shots!! Both images here are property of Justin!