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Welcome to the Burris Southeast Tour & More

2018 was our the first year in the Burris Southeast Tour and this was what we came to do, and simply put it was to race with some of the big dogs from all over.  We ran three clone classes and at the end of the year, we had finished 5th in points in two of the classes and 6th in the other class. Man, it was a lot of fun and we really were pleased with the results for the most part. Click on the image to see more and even some others images of other races we ran.

Random 2017 Images - Welcome Aboard Lucas Oil Products

2017 was a year of first’s and last’s. We had on board Lucas Oil Products as a primary sponsor. It was the last season of a series we loved to race with and that was the Mississippi Kart Series. We had fun and it was a huge learning experience for us. Click¬† on the Image to see all 30 images.

Moving Into Open Karts

A number of years ago I moved from Champ Karts to Open Karting. I have been here since. My first open kart is the one in these images. I like everything about the open kart and each year is another step in having fun and racing hard. Click on the Image to see a few more of my first open kart.

How I Got Here - The Early Years

This Gallery is simply titled How I Got Here. It contains some very young images and you will see a lot of the karts I drove in the early years. Click on my smiling kid face to see the images. I will try and add captions as I can as we are rebuilding this website. And as always, thanks so much for your support of my website!

Sponsors Images

First time driving a 450!!!