I live in Western Tennessee. I have been racing karts since 2005. Please don’t call them “go-karts”, you will find “go-karts” at your local amusement park or miniature golf and games place. I race fully professional racing karts that are made for speed and safety.

I am 20 years old, born April 11th, 2001. I am a Graduate of  Munford HS, in Munford TN in West Tennessee, just north of Memphis. I am also a member of the Tennessee Air National Guard and my home base is located in Memphis. I belong to the 164th Airlift Wing which is an integral part of the heritage-rich Memphis aviation community, the 164th Airlift Wing proudly flies the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft on worldwide missions supporting our nation’s defense. UPDATE: I am currently in Basic Training and will graduate on Dec 18th. Following graduation, I go to Pensacola NAS to go to Tech training on Aircraft Structure Maintenance and Repair. I will be there until sometime in March of 2021. At that time I return home and will be able to get back to full-time racing again. My sister, Kelsey will do some racing until I get back. If you look in the Race Updates section, you will see a lot more about Kelsey and her coming back into racing karts. She will be part of our race team and she will race when she can. So far she has done very well.

I started racing at 5 years old for My Dad’s race team, Jason Moss Racing. I started in a beginner class at a local track that I competed in with my older sister, Kelsey. The rule for the beginner class is that after you win 3 races you have to move into your age-required class. Kelsey and I were two of the most competitive racers in the beginner class. Kelsey was able to win her 3 races near the end of the first season and I was not to be outdone by her and came out of the gate strong at the start of the next season by winning my initial 3 races. We went on to finish 1st and 2nd in the season points championships. Kelsey started playing softball and eventually stopped driving leaving the driving to Me. She still comes to a lot of my races and her support is second to none.I have raced in all the Jr class from the youngest to the oldest groups which at most tracks, whether on a local or national level, use a restrictor plate to slow them down.

A word about my Team. My Dad has been my rock and guidance counselor to me all my life. He started racing back in 1990 and he retired from racing in 2006 to allow Kelsey and I to go after our dreams. He ran open 2-cycle for four years until he had a horrible wreck in his kart and broke his right femur completely in half. He had a titanium rod placed in his leg for a few years as it mended but even then he raced in Senior Champs. He won 10 Championships in both indoor and outdoor tracks in the mid-south. I learned so much from him and I knew one day he would be my teacher and he has done just that. We have this connection both on and off the track. I can tell him what my kart is doing or needs to do, and he will work to get it better and not stop until he does. He is my dad, my crew chief, and my best friend. My mom and sister try hard to be at all my races. They are the support staff we need and will do anything for our team’s needs.

Some of my special moments are listed here:

2013 First recipient of the Cody Burks Hard Chargers Award. In honor of Cody Burks, a fellow racer from our local track who was killed in an auto accident.

2012 Mid-South Shootout; Jr. Sportsman Champ Winner

2013 Eddie Burns Jr-2 Light Winner

2013 Eddie Burns Jr-2 Heavy Winner

2013 O’reilly’s Indoor Kart Nationals; Jr Sportsman Champ Winner

2013 & 2014 King of Kings Jr Sportsman Champ Winner

2014 King of Kings Clayhill Clash Jr-3 Winner

2015 Mid-South Shootout Jr-3 Light Winner

2015 Mid-South Shootout Jr. 3 heavy winner

2015 Firecracker Shootout $10,000 to win, qualified 25th out of 60+ entries; finished 12th

2016 Mid-South Shootout Jr-3 Light Winner

2016 Jr Pro Clone Cody Burks Memorial Winner

2016 Blues City Kart Nationals J3 Blue Clone Light (both days), Jr3 Clone

2018 Top 5 Points finish in Three Classes In the Burris Southeastern Tour. This was a huge achievement as these are the big dogs in our sport.

There are others but those are important and have special meaning to me and my team.

I need to explain something. There is a Cleveland Indian Logo here on my site. It has to do with the respect and honor of someone I never met. You may see it in other areas of my site, and if you look closely in our race pits, on my helmet and kart, you may see it there as well. It started out when my dad first started racing back in 1991 as a good luck charm and to honor his grandfather, who was a huge Cleveland Indian Fan. And so it continues as a very important part of our race team to honor a Great-Grandfather I never got to meet……….Tanner

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