A Hot Goodbye to Sunset Karting Speedway

The Place is Collins Mississippi. The Track is Sunset Karting Speedway. It is the final curtain for this track. It is closing down after this Mississippi Karting race. It is mid June and the weather is as hot as ever. The threat of rain is here, and rain has fallen the few days before but the forecast is a slight chance of a thunderstorm. It is hot, very hot. It takes most of all morning to wait for last nights rain to dry enough to get equipment on the track. And right as the first karts come on the surface, that isolated storm hits the facility and dumps a few inches of rain and then is gone. After a long battle with trying hard to fix a damaged surface we finally got to qualify very late in the afternoon. The surface, was almost not driveable.

Almost every kart suffered some kind of damage and most were damaged bodies. We had ours hanging on by tape and ties in places they did very little. The ruts and bumps did a job on everyone. We came home with the body in more than four pieces.

This is supposed to be about results. These were not the ones I had hoped for. I had a 4th in Lite, a 4th in Medium, a 6th in Heavy, and a 7th in Pro. This long hot day was over and now we really were worried about the points in this series. Two more in this series, one Back at Booneville, and One Back at Columbus.

All in all this is a really fun track to run on. Kind of sad that it is to be no more, It is an ever growing problem in karting but we will Endeavor To Persevere

On to Booneville.