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All of my racing is dedicated to the memory of a racer who lost his life in late 2012.
Cody Burks started in karts back in the late 1990's.
His racing was second to none when it came to dedication and sportsmanship.
He went to live with God after a car accident.
His life touched a lot of racers and he will always be a part of our team!

Every lap I run, Cody rides with me in spirit, guiding me each lap.


I live in Western Tennessee. I have been racing karts since 2005. Please don't call them "go-karts", you will find "go-karts" at your local amusement park or miniature golf and games place.

I race fully professional racing karts that are made for speed and safety.

I need to explain something. There is a Cleveland Indian Logo here on my site. It has to do with the respect and honor of someone I never met. You will see it all over my site, and if you look closely in our race pits, you may see it there as well. It started out when my dad first started racing back in 1991 as a good luck charm and to honor his grandfather, who was a huge Cleveland Indian Fan. And so it continues as a very important part of our race team to honor a Great-Grandfather I never got to meet..........Tanner

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